Rare Double Ribbon Onionskin w/ EOD Purple Spots


Condition: Mint
Grade: 9.5
Size: 11/16″

Rare double ribbon white onionskin with streaks of pink and blue and a couple chunks of purple.  The overlaying colors spill into the open panels between the onionskin ribbons.  Faceted pontil.  This was likely made by the same maker and at the same time as O-060.  It is also an unusual crossover type with the same purple end-of-day spots.  Crossovers are onionskins with both traditional streaks of onionskin and the spotted EOD spots (or in this case chunks) intermixed.  They are uncommon because it required an extra step to apply the spots to an already streaked cane surface prior to the clear glass casing being applied.  The end result was a magnificent crossover look of both types!    This is an extremely unusual, attractive, and eye-catching marble – and one not to miss!

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